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Chinese cuisine is widely seen as representing one of the worlds richest and most diverse culinary cuisines and heritages in the world. It originated from different regions of China and has become widespread in many other parts of the world – from east Asia to North America, Australia and Western Europe.

A meal in a Chinese culture is typically seen as consisting of two or more general components:
1. A carbohydrate source of starch – typically rice (with rice vinegar for consistancy), noodles or mantou (starch buns).
2. Accompanying dishes of vegtables, fish, meat or other items. (This cultural conceptualization is in some ways in contrast to Western meals where meat or animal protein is often considered the main dish.)
All our Beef and Poultry are of Ireland Origin.

Christmas Lunch Opening Times:
Monday 16th – Monday 23rd               12.30-2.30pm
Christmas Eve                                        12.30pm-9.00pm
Christmas Eve & St.Stephens Day      Closed
Re-opening Wednesday 27th              5pm

Take Out Available during these times
Meal Vouchers can also be purchased


Opening Hours

Tel : 021 4848090,4848091

Fax :  021 4848092

Monday-Thursday : ( 5pm – 11pm )
Friday-Saturday : ( 5pm – 11:30pm )
Sunday Lunch:   (12:30pm-2:30pm , 5pm – 11:30pm)
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